The new Finnish Trademarks Act entered into force on 1 May 2019. The information on this page may be partly inconsistent with the new Act. We will update our trademark pages in English by the end of May 2019. Up-to-date information is currently available in Finnish and in Swedish. Click on the links at the top of the page to change the language.

We publish registered trademarks in the Trademark Gazette, which comes out twice a month. After the publication a trademark can be opposed by any third party who thinks that the mark should not have been accepted into the Trademark Register.

Opposition period

You must submit your opposition in writing to the PRH within two months from the publishing day.

If the last opposition day falls on a weekend or midweek holiday, the deadline is moved to the following working day. If there is no corresponding date in the final month, the opposition period is taken to expire on the last day of that month. (For example, if the trademark has been published on 31 December, the opposition period will end on 28 February, or on 29 February in a leap year.)

The opposition period cannot be extended.

Contents of the opposition

The opposition is a free-form letter where you should identify the registration you oppose (by the registration number) and supply your name and address.

You must give your grounds for the opposition and specify which goods or services covered by the registration are concerned.

Opposition grounds

You should give all the grounds for your opposition in your opposition letter. After the opposition period has expired, you can complete your opposition with additional evidence or arguments which support your claims, but you are not allowed to introduce new grounds.

Specifying the opposition

In your letter you need to specify whether your opposition concerns all the goods and services of the registration you oppose or just a part of them. In the latter case, you must indicate the classes as well as the goods or services concerned.

Language of opposition

Oppositions must be filed in either Finnish or Swedish.

Opposition fee

The opponent has to pay an opposition fee. The opposition will become pending even if you fail to pay the fee when filing your opposition. We will ask you to pay the missing fee by sending you an office action. Nevertheless, we will not start examining the opposition until you have paid the fee.

See our payment instructions.

How to submit oppositions and statements to the PRH

You can send your opposition or statement to us by post or by email. If the opposition or statement includes a very extensive amount of enclosures, you must send us two copies by post. If the whole document is small enough to be attached to an email, you can email it to us in one file. In that case you do not need to send the original copy by post. You can also bring your opposition or statement to our client service. See the contact details at the bottom of the page.

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