How to apply for a trademark

You can apply to register your trademark either by using our online application or by filling in a paper form. They are both available only in Finnish and in Swedish.

Before drawing up your application, you need to think through the following:

You cannot change the trademark after filing your application

After you have filed your application, i.e. it has become pending, you cannot usually make changes to the trademark. You may only be allowed to make very small changes which do not alter the general impression of the mark. Moreover, you cannot add new goods or services to your application after it has become pending.

However, you can always file a new application for your altered trademark.

Online applications are cheaper than paper applications

The online application form includes five steps. Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to pay the application fee by online bank transfer. The person who pays the fee is considered to have signed the application.

After paying the fee, you will be returned to our service where we will confirm that your application has been received.

File your application online in Finnish or in Swedish.

You can also send your paper application by email

The paper application form must be signed by either you or your representative.

You can also email the application to us as an attached document. You do not need to send the original paper form, but it is important that we can see the signature on the application. Remember to enclose a copy of the receipt for the application fee with your application.

Go to our paper forms and see our payment instructions.

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Latest update 28.09.2018