How to supply the applicant’s details

The application must include the applicant's name or company name, domicile or registered office and address.

The applicant may be

  • a private person, i.e. a natural person
  • a private trader
  • a legal person, such as a company, an organisation or a foundation (auxiliary company names cannot apply for trademarks)

Please note that you can apply to register your trademark at the PRH only in Finnish or in Swedish.

Private traders applying for a trademark

A private trader’s company name alone can be neither an applicant for nor the owner of a trademark, because private traders are not legal persons. Whatever the company name may be, you should use either your own name or the following form: “Smith, John, toiminimen XXX haltijana" in Finnish or “Smith, John, som innehavare av firman XXX" in Swedish (meaning "Smith, John, as the owner of company name XXX"). For the trademark, it does not make any difference which of the two forms you choose to use.

Several applicants

A trademark can be applied for by a single applicant or by a group of applicants. A trademark can therefore be owned jointly by several persons or companies.

If there are several applicants, each of them must sign the application or authorise somebody to act on their behalf. We will send all the letters and decisions to the first-mentioned applicant.

Foreign applicants

If you have neither domicile nor a registered office in Finland, you must appoint a representative residing in the European Economic Area. The representative is obliged to represent you in all matters concerning the mark.

If you have a representative, you must give their name, domicile or registered office and address in your application. Remember to enclose a power of attorney.

Read more about having a representative and go to our forms.

Minor applicants

If the applicant is a minor, the application must also be signed by the person having custody of the applicant. If the applicant has a representative, the person having custody must also sign the power of attorney.

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Latest update 21.11.2017