What kind of trademark?

Provide a clear representation of your trademark in the application. If you propose several trademarks, you need to file a separate application for each of them in Finnish or in Swedish. One application must not include more than one version of your mark.

Word marks

A word mark is a trademark that comprises nothing but a word or a set of words or a combination of letters. It does not include any figurative elements or a special font or typeface.

A word mark gives extensive protection because the word is the only protected part of the mark. Naturally, such a mark can be registered only if the word is distinctive.

Figurative marks

A figurative mark comprises nothing but drawings, graphics or a picture. Thus, it does not contain words or letters.

Please note that you must include only one version of your figurative mark in the application, and not different alternative versions of the same mark. We cannot decide on which alternative the application relates to and which mark is thus to be examined.

Figurative marks with words

A figurative mark with a verbal element comprises both a figurative element and a word or words or letters. Such a mark could be, for instance, a word written in a particular font or typeface.

Colours in trademarks

According to our interpretation at present, the registration of a trademark in black and white covers all colours. If you want to register your trademark in black and white, enclose just a black-and-white picture of the mark with your application.

If you want to register your trademark in specific colours, you must list all the colours in your application in Finnish or in Swedish (for instance, “Merkin värit ovat sininen, punainen ja harmaa", meaning “The colours of the mark are blue, red and grey"). If you apply for a registration in colour, enclose just a coloured picture of the mark with your application.

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Latest update 30.12.2016