Do I need a representative?

When applying for a trademark in Finland, it is not compulsory to appoint a representative if your domicile or registered office is within the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you have neither a domicile nor a registered office in the EEA, you must appoint a representative residing in the EEA. The representative is obliged to represent you in all matters concerning the trademark.

If you have a representative, you must give their name, domicile or registered office, and contact details including address, phone number and email address in your application. Provide the Finnish Business ID if your representative is a legal person, or the personal identity code if your representative is a private person. If the representative has no Finnish personal identity code, give their date of birth.

Do I have to submit a power of attorney?

You do not have to submit a power of attorney even if you have a representative. In exceptional cases, however, we may ask you to submit a power of attorney if we have a special reason to doubt the authority of your representative or the scope of their authority. If we ask for a power of attorney, you must submit it within two months.

Who can act as a representative?

Any natural person or legal person with a domicile or place of registered office within the EEA can act as a representative. You may want to appoint an agent specialised in trademarks.

Register of Attorneys

The Finnish Industrial Property Attorney Board maintains a register of authorised trademark attorneys. The register includes those trademark attorneys who have passed an examination assessing their professional skills. Authorised attorneys act under regular supervision. Read more about the Register of Attorneys in Finnish or in Swedish.

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Latest update 01.05.2019