How can I check in advance if the trademark is available?

Before you file your trademark application in Finnish or in Swedish, it is wise to check whether there are any obstacles to the registration. Preliminary examinations are useful because there is little you can change about your application once you have submitted it. Please note that we will not refund the application fee if the application is rejected.

Read more about the requirements for registration.

Search databases to find out whether your mark is still available.

Ask us to carry out a preliminary examination

We examine on request whether a particular mark can be registered or not. The examination takes a couple of days minimum and five working days at the most. Preliminary examinations and their results are secret, and the results are disclosed only to the orderer.

We carry out examinations of various extent according to your needs. A comprehensive preliminary examination is the best alternative in most cases, because then the trademark is examined as thoroughly as during the actual registration process.

What is a comprehensive preliminary examination?

In a comprehensive preliminary examination, we determine all the possible obstacles to registration and assess the distinctive character of your word mark, figurative mark or combination mark (consisting of words and figurative elements) for the requested goods and services.

The possible confusingly similar marks we examine include

  • registered national trademarks and EU trademarks
  • pending applications
  • international registrations designating Finland
  • company names registered with the Trade Register for the same line of business.

We determine also any surnames used in Finland which could be obstacles to registration. In addition, we inform you of trademarks applied for entry or entered into the List of Trademarks with a Reputation.

What is a limited preliminary examination?

In a limited preliminary examination we only either determine the possible obstacles to registration or assess the distinctive character of your trademark. This type of examination gives only a limited amount of information about the registrability of the mark.

How do I order a preliminary examination?

You can order a preliminary examination by using a form which you can email to

Go to the forms.

It is not obligatory to use the form.

Data protection

Processing personal data in connection with orders concerning our information services and preliminary examinations is based on section 2 of the Act on the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.
We use the personal data only for sending search and examination results and for invoicing.
The data is stored for 5 years.

How can I get the results?

We will send you the results of the preliminary examination either by email or by post. You will be invoiced for the examination afterwards. See our fees for preliminary examinations.

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