Fees relating to trademarks with a reputation

For an application to become pending, it is an essential requirement that the application fee has been paid. A receipt of payment of the fee must be enclosed with the application.

Please note that the SWIFT and IBAN codes are needed when paying fees from outside Finland.

Payment details

Bank: OP Corporate Bank Plc
Recipient’s IBAN account number: FI3950000120378368
Message: Any of the following in the message field
- application fee for trademark with a reputation
- application number
- applicant’s name
Read more in our payment instructions.

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
FI-00091 PRH, Finland
Tel. + 358 29 509 5000
Business ID 0244683-1
VAT number FI02446831

For further details, please contact our Advisory Service.

These commercial fees include VAT 24%.

Fees relating to trademarks with a reputation Basic price (€) VAT 24% Selling price (€)
Application fee 1393.44 334.43 1727.87
Fee for entry in the list 655.74 157.38 813.12
Renewal fee 2049.18 491.80 2540.98
Fee for late payment of renewal fee 327.87 78.69 406.56
Extract from the list 24.59 5.90 30.49
Entry of amendment 40.98 9.84 50.82
Request for removal 409.84 98.36 508.20
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