For trademark owners

Use your trademark in the exact form you registered it in. Otherwise you may risk losing the mark. If you have not used your trademark for over five years, anyone suffering harm due to the mark can file a request for the revocation of the mark based on non-use. Read more about revocation of a trademark.

Keep your register details updated

Make sure your details in the Trademark Register are up to date. If there are any changes in your name or address details, notify us immediately. Then any letters from us, such as a trademark expiry reminder letter, can reach you at the correct address. Read more about filing changes.

How to use the ® and TM symbols

The Finnish Trademarks Act does not lay down provisions on the use of the ® and ™ symbols. A general guideline is that a registered trademark should be accompanied by the ® symbol. Using this symbol means consumers and competitors will recognise that the trademark has been protected.

However, if your trademark is not registered in Finland or within the EU, you must not use the ® symbol.

The ™ symbol can instead be used even if the trademark has not been registered, for example as a symbol for an established trademark or when a trademark application is pending.

Outside Finland you must always check the legislation of the country in question for regulations on the use of these symbols.

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Latest update 19.06.2019