Pledge your trademark

Your trademark is your movable property and you can pledge it as security for a debt. You must apply for the PRH to register the pledging; the right of pledge will not be valid until we have recorded it in the Trademark Register.

If there is a right of pledge registered for the trademark, you may not reduce the list of goods and services nor remove the mark from the register without the written consent of the pledgee.

The trademark is only distrainable if a right of pledge has been established on it.

The application to record a pledging can be filed either by the trademark owner or by the pledgee, and it has to include the following details and documents:

  • registration number of the trademark
  • name, address and domicile or registered office of the pledgee
  • name, address, domicile or registered office, and power of attorney of the representative, if any
  • copy of the pledge agreement showing the date of the agreement.

Use our ‘Application concerning a registered trademark’ (available in Finnish and in Swedish) to notify us of the pledging. Remember to enclose a power of attorney, if needed. Go to the page with the application form and powers of attorney.

We charge a fee for changing the register details. See the fee on our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 30.12.2016