Contact details for the Trademarks Unit

Street address
Sörnäisten rantatie 13 C, Helsinki

- advisory and information services, Mon-Fri 9.00-16.15

Mailing address

Advisory service +358 29 509 5855

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Email your office action response, or any additional submissions, to

Secure email to PRH: read more at the bottom of the page.

Bank accounts

OP Corporate Bank Plc FI3950000120378368
Nordea Bank AB (publ), Finnish Branch FI2616603000111131
Danske Bank Plc FI2480001500047908

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Send secure email to PRH

You can send secure email to us at

  1. Type your email address in the box after “From" and click “Continue".
  2. Click “Register" to register your email address. A personal link will then be sent to your email address.
  3. Log into your email account and click on the link to write secure messages.
  4. Select "Patent and Trademark Advisory Service" as recipient and click "Done".
  5. Write a message.
  6. Click “Send".
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