Application fee

You must pay the application fee when you file your application. The application will not be assigned an application date until you have paid the application fee. In other words, you must pay the application fee before your application becomes pending and we begin processing it.

When using our online service, you will be directed to pay the application fee by online bank transfer. The person who pays the fee is considered to have signed the application. Lastly, the service will give you a receipt of submission.

If you have permission to submit your application on paper or by email for a special reason, pay the fee in advance to our account and enclose a copy of the receipt with your application. The application fee for an application such as this is higher than for an online application. Read more in our payment instructions.

No refund of the application fee

If the application is rejected or dismissed and processing ends, we will not refund the application fee, even if you withdraw your application. See our price list and payment instructions.

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Latest update 07.07.2021