Processing time of trademark applications

The processing time of an application depends on any found deficiencies in the application, any obstacles to registration, and how quickly you respond to our office actions.

At the PRH, processing time means the time from receiving an application until it is registered. If the application cannot be registered straight away, the processing time means the time within which we send you an office action.

The processing time is an estimate that may change according to the processing status.

The average processing time of national trademarks is about 1 month (February 2021).

The average processing time of designations of international registrations is 0.6 months (February 2021).

The average time within which we start processing applications concerning a registered trademark is 2 weeks from filing (February 2021).

Please note that the proposed trademark is given protection from the application date (filing date) onwards against any trademark applications filed later.

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Latest update 07.07.2021