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Advisory service - trademarks

You can ask for advice by telephone, mail, email or by visiting our office in person. All discussions with our legal adviser or customer service staff are confidential.

Contact information

Advisory service +358 29 509 5855
Questions concerning the classification of trademarks +358 29 509 5251

Email: neuvonta.tavaramerkki@prh.fiOpen link in a new tab

Trademark services

You will find instructions on our website, for instance how to file an application, renew your registration or file changes. Go to trademark services.

Scope of advisory service

The trademarks advisory service pays special attention to the equal and impartial treatment of customers.

We give general advice in matters concerning the application procedure, such as the obstacles for registration and the distinctiveness or confusability of trademarks. In addition, we answer questions concerning the filing of an application, fees, and the handling procedure. We also inform our customers of the legal effects of registration and the expected processing time.

However, it is not the duty of our trademarks advisory service to fill in forms or draw up documents for customers. Furthermore, the advisory staff cannot anticipate whether an individual application is actually going to pass, because the application will be handled only after it has been filed. For instance, a decision on the distinctiveness or the possible confusability of a trademark is only taken in the actual examination of the application.

Our trademarks advisory service staff cannot officially comment on possible infringements, trademark disputes or questions concerning the import or advertising of products, or any other such questions. In order to get help in these situations you can, for example, consult an agent specialised in trademark questions. Please note also that trademark disputes are handled by the Finnish Market Court.

In matters concerning EU trademarks, we give general advice on, for example, how to file your application and on the process in general. However, if you need information on a specific application or case, or if you wish to ask more detailed questions, you should contact EUIPO directly.

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