What can a trademark be like?

The form of a trademark is not actually limited, and that is why a trademark can include anything that can be presented clearly and precisely. Clearly and precisely means that the authorities and the general public must understand the subject of protection. In addition, it must be possible to present the mark in the Trademark Register.

A trademark may be, for example, a word or a set of words, a figurative element, a slogan, or a combination of any of these, a sound or a three-dimensional mark. In the last example, the shape of a product or of its packaging covering functions as a trademark. A trademark can also include moving images, the product’s packaging, or even a colour. A trademark may also be, for instance, a multimedia mark or a position mark.

Examples of trademarks

Word mark

A word mark may consist of words, letters, numbers or any other symbols used in word processing.

  • The alphabet
  • Example123

Figurative mark

A figurative mark with a word: the word written in a particular font (“esimerkki" is “example" in Finnish).

A figurative mark with a word: words or letters in combination with shapes, drawings or graphics.

A figurative mark with a word: a word and a figurative element in colour.

A figurative mark: the mark only consists of drawings, graphics or a picture. The mark does not contain words or letters.

Three-dimensional mark

The mark consists of for example the appearance of the product or of its packaging.

Multimedia mark

The mark consists of the combination of image and sound.

Sound mark

The mark consists of a sound or a combination of sounds.

Position mark

The mark consists of the specific way in which the mark is placed or affixed on the product.

Esimerkki sijaintimerkistä

Esimerkki sijaintimerkistä

Esimerkki sijaintimerkistä

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