Trademark Information Service

Our information service contains basic details of pending national trademark applications and valid registrations in Finland, and of international registrations under the Madrid Protocol (WIPO) designating Finland. The service also contains basic details of oppositions, applications for revocation or invalidation, and applications to record changes concerning the trademarks, and of international registration applications based on the trademarks. These details are shown in the detailed information for each mark. The details of international registration applications based on the marks date from the time when the application was processed. For updated information, see the Madrid Monitor database provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

At the end of 2019, the information service contained about 189,000 national trademarks, and about 67,000 of them were either pending or valid. The number of international registrations was about 71,000, and just over 33,000 of them were either pending or valid.

The information service also contains information on some expired registrations and some finalized applications that have not resulted in registration:

  • Expired registrations that have been removed from the register after 1 January 1994.
  • Applications filed after 1 January 1993 and finalized without resulting in registration.

For each trademark in the information service, only those representatives are shown who are entitled to represent the holder (owner) throughout the entire life cycle of the trademark, including the time after registration. The details of representatives only related to the application stage are not shown.

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In addition to the above, EU trademarks registered by EUIPO are also valid in Finland, but their details are not included in the information service. Search for information about EU trademarks on the EUIPO website. Go to the EUIPO’s search page.

Please note that the details of international registrations in our information service are unofficial. WIPO keeps the actual international register and provides information on international registrations in its Madrid Monitor database. The application number (beginning with the letter W) shown with international registrations in our information service is an unofficial application number used by the PRH.

Go to Madrid Monitor provided by WIPO.

Please note that finding no identical mark in a search is no guarantee that your mark is eligible for registration. The register may contain marks which in their way of writing or phonetic form are close enough to form an obstacle. For example, if you are studying the word Compass, you should also run a search using Kompass. There may also be other obstacles to registration. Read more about the requirements for registration.

User terms and conditions

The information service only contains basic details, not all the information entered into the register. The purpose of this service is to provide general information on the Trademark Register and, consequently, it cannot be regarded as a complete or official source of information.

Our aim is to keep the details as correct and up-to-date as possible, but we do not assume any responsibility for any errors occurring in the system, nor for any interpretations made or action taken based on the information.

The search result shows the details of a maximum of 3,000 trademarks. If your search returns more than 3,000 results, specify your search criteria to narrow down the search.

We reserve the right to either alter the contents of or terminate the service.

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Latest update 17.06.2021