Change of representative or representative’s name, domicile and registered office

Change of representative

The application to record a change of representative must include the following details and documents:

  • registration number of the trademark
  • name, address, domicile or registered office, and Business ID of the new representative. If the representative is a private person, give their personal identity code. If the representative has no Finnish personal identity code, give their date of birth.

A power of attorney is not necessary but we may ask you to submit it for special reasons.

Use our online service for registered trademarks (available in Finnish and in Swedish) to submit the changes. The service requires user identification through the portal. Go to the service to submit changes.

Filing a change of representative is free of charge.

Change of representative’s name, domicile or registered office

We will update the changes in the representative's name, domicile or registered office for the trademarks referred to in the application. In addition, we will automatically update the changes for other registered trademarks and pending trademark-related matters for which the representative has been registered. This is to make sure that the details in the Finnish Trademark Register are correct and up to date.

Filing changes to the representative's name, domicile or registered office is free of charge.

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Latest update 17.06.2021