What if I do not specify the list?

After the registration is renewed, the scope of protection for the trademark will be determined based on the literal meaning of the list of goods and services. If you do not specify the list for your trademark yourself, we will automatically do it in connection with the renewal.

The following examples explain how we specify the list.

Example 1:

Your list of goods and services only contains a class number or the text: “all goods included in this class". The class heading that was in force when you applied for the mark will be added to the list. We will also remove the text “all goods included in the class" from the list.

Example 2:

Your list contains the phrase: “all other goods that are included in this class in the alphabetical list of the Nice Classification". We will supplement the list with the terms included in the Nice alphabetical list that was in force when you applied for the mark. We will also remove the above phrase from the list.

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Latest update 17.06.2021