Appealing against trademark decisions

If you disagree on a decision we have made about a trademark, you can lodge an appeal with the Finnish Market Court.

Appeal instructions are provided with all our appealable decisions.

Lodge your appeal with the Finnish Market Court within 60 days after you were notified of the decision. The date of notification is indicated in a certificate of service or by a certificate confirming the day of receipt (advice of delivery). The publication date of the Finnish Trademark Gazette is considered to be the date of notification of a decision published in the gazette.

The appeal document must indicate:

  • the name and municipality of residence of the appellant
  • the contact information where the notices relating to the matter can be served on the appellant
  • the decision for which a review is requested, the respects in which a review of the decision is sought and the amendments that are asked for
  • the grounds on which the review is requested.

The following annexes must be included in the appeal document:

  • the PRH’s decision
  • a certificate of the date of notification of the decision or some other evidence of the time of commencement of the time allowed for appeal
  • the power of attorney of a representative
  • the documents on which the appellant will rely in support of the claims, unless these documents have already been submitted to the PRH.

Read more about appealing and fees on the Finnish Market Court website.

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Latest update 07.07.2021