Extensions, accelerated processing or postponement in oppositions

Deadline extensions to oppositions

In an opposition case, both the trademark owner and the opponent can each get an extension to give their statement, once without explanations and thereafter in individual cases on separately considered grounds.

We grant a summer extension without any explanations if the deadline for giving a statement falls between 1 June and 31 August. You can therefore be granted more than one summer extension.

The extensions are subject to a fee. See the current extension fee in our price list.

Accelerated processing or postponement of opposition proceedings

In some cases the parties may want to postpone or accelerate the pending opposition proceedings.

A request for accelerated processing or postponement can be submitted to the PRH by either party or by the parties together. You must file the request in writing and include sufficient evidence of the grounds for accelerated processing or postponement.

We consider the requests on a case-by-case basis and always notify the parties of whether we will accelerate or postpone the proceedings or continue at the normal pace.

We may also postpone the opposition proceedings automatically. This will happen for example if an earlier trademark invoked in the opposition is not yet legally valid.

If you file your opposition late, we process it at an accelerated pace and make the decision not to examine it.

Suspension of opposition proceedings (applicable only to trademarks applied for after 1 May 2019)

We will suspend the opposition proceedings for two months if the opponent and the trademark owner request it jointly. The request must be filed during the opposition proceedings before we decide the matter.

We can extend the suspension period for the opposition proceedings two times, by five months at a time, if the parties request it jointly. The request must be filed with the PRH in writing before the current suspension period expires.

The suspension period ends if either of the parties submits a written notification about it to the PRH. After this, the opposition proceedings continue normally.

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Latest update 17.06.2021