Easier to send priority documents to patent offices

From 15 April 2011 priority documents can be exchanged electronically between the National Board of Patents and Registration (NBPR) and other patent offices, as the NBPR starts to use WIPO’s Digital Access Service (DAS), which is an electronic library for priority documents.

This means that patent applicants do not have to send the priority document to another patent office themselves. When they order the priority document, they can instead request it to be sent to DAS. The NBPR will then send the document to DAS where the office that needs the document can retrieve it. Similarly, applicants can indicate when filing a patent application that the NBPR can retrieve the priority document from DAS.

The price for electronically sent priority documents is the same as for priority documents submitted on paper (70 euros) but the applicants do not have to pay any costs for sending them to other patent offices. There is an easy-to-use service for patent applicants on the WIPO website where you can authorise patent offices to retrieve priority documents. The WIPO library for priority documents is secure, and only patent offices approved by the system, i.e. WIPO and the patent offices in Australia, Finland, Japan, Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and USA, have access to the library. EPO and China have also been approved but they have not yet started operation.

Priority documents for national patent applications and PCT applications can be sent to the new system. Utility model applications are not yet part of the system but this is going to be re-considered by WIPO.

Patent offices using DAS, and other information at the WIPO website

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