Our office to allocate international LEI codes

The international Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a global code that enables clear and unique identification of companies and organisations that use derivative contracts in financial markets.

The LEI code is required for reporting derivative trades to trade repositories, for example.

Starting from the beginning of 2014, LEIs will be allocated in Finland by our office, the National Board of Patents and Registration.

The LEI code will be allocated to
- business operators registered at the Trade Register
- foundations registered at the Register of Foundations
- other entities having a Business ID, such as investment funds or public bodies.

The code will not be allocated to Finnish branches of foreign-based companies.

The code is allocated for one year at a time, and the allocated LEIs are entered into the Business Information System (BIS) to be accessed through the BIS Search service at www.ytj.fi.

LEIROC (The Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee) co-ordinates the global system of legal entity identification, and has assigned our office the prefix 7437, enabling the allocation of LEIs. All LEIs allocated by our office will in other words have the four-digit prefix 7437.

Finnish companies or organisations may also apply for a LEI code from a registrar outside Finland. They may however only have one single LEI code. Before allocating a code, the registrar will check that the applicant does not have an LEI code granted elsewhere.

LEI application form will be published at the end of 2013

We will publish the LEI application form and the handling fees on this website in December 2013 as soon as the bill is passed.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Sakari Kauppinen, Head of Registration, Trade Register, tel. +358 29 509 5569
Mr Esa Kosonen, Senior Officer, Trade Register, tel. +358 29 509 5365

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Latest update 28.11.2013