Clients very satisfied with our services

In October and November 2016, we carried out surveys which gave us valuable feedback on our services and operations. We thank our clients for taking part in the surveys. In 2017, we are going to invest in collecting and using client feedback to a larger extent than before.

Client satisfaction on slight increase

We carried out our annual client satisfaction survey in November 2016. Satisfaction among the respondents with our service quality had slightly increased from 2015.

Table: Averages for the statements on a scale of 1 to 5

2016 2015
Staff helpfulness 1 = I strongly disagree… 5 = I strongly agree 4.0 3.9
Staff competence 1 = I strongly disagree… 5 = I strongly agree 4.1 4.0
Quality of service 1 = I strongly disagree… 5 = I strongly agree 4.0 3.9

Clients praised our services as follows:

“Surprisingly good public sector service.”
“The registration process has become faster.”
“Online services run fluently and are good.”

Clients were particularly satisfied with our walk-in service. We also got a lot of tips on how to further improve our online services.

Precise information from service-specific surveys

In October and November 2016, we carried out short surveys for feedback on certain online services. Feedback notably flooded in to our survey about the company search at In most cases, the client feedback has been positive. As many as 97.4 per cent of those who answered the chat survey recommend our chat service. One of our clients summed up the pros of our chat service as follows: “An instant answer, no queuing. Excellent!”

We are already planning our service-specific surveys for the current year, and the first of them will be conducted during the spring.

We are improving the collection and use of client feedback

Spontaneous feedback via our website also increased in 2016, and we were pleased to be able to start handling it faster than previously.

In future, we will devote more effort to collecting, handling and using client feedback. For clients, this implies new types of surveys. We will also revise our feedback form on our website. Furthermore, we will release more information about how client feedback will be used in our services and operations.

We hope that our clients continue to eagerly answer our surveys, and tell us honestly how we can further improve our services.

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Latest update 28.02.2017