PRH has deregistered companies that have not filed their financial statements for registration

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has removed from the Finnish Trade Register 1 557 limited liability companies and co-operatives that have not submitted their financial statements for registration within one year from the end of the financial period.

These companies have not - despite reminder letters - filed their financial statements by 2 January 2018. The PRH has also informed the companies of the procedure using a number of communication channels.

Lists of deregistered companies (pdf, 0.13 Mt)

The list in Excel format (xlsx, 0.06 Mt)

A total of 1 542 limited liability companies and 15 co-operatives were removed from the register.
After the removal, there are 609 093 businesses and housing companies in the Finnish Trade Register.

The deregistration procedure is based in each case on either the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act or the Finnish Co-operatives Act, and it is conducted on the PRH’s initiative when a company has not fulfilled the obligation to file its financial statements for registration.

Deregistration means that the business is out of action. A company that has been removed from the Finnish Trade Register is dissolved through a tax procedure, and dissolution will normally have tax consequences.

Deregistered companies may apply for re-entry to the Finnish Trade Register.
Read more about the consequences of deregistration and see our instructions for companies.

For more information, please contact

Ms Terhi Maijala
Head of Law and Supervision
Tel. +358 29 509 5300

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Latest update 31.01.2018