Companies and authorities testing the use of digital financial statements

Authorities, businesses and companies are jointly promoting the use of digital, structured financial statements, based on their needs.

In a pilot project, which is part of the RTECO project of Technology Industries of Finland, financial statements are being sent from an accounting program to the Finnish Trade Register in digital IXBRL format. The financial statement data in the Finnish Trade Register can be retrieved for further use by various operators. These digital statements are in a machine-readable format, making it significantly easier to further process the data.

The purpose of the pilot project is to show how easy it is to file and use digital financial statements, and the opportunities it offers, both to those filing financial statements and to those retrieving data.

The following organisations, companies and authorities are taking part in the pilot project: Technology Industries of Finland, Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH), Finnish Tax Administration, Fennoa Ltd, Bisnode Finland Oy, Talenom Plc., and Digital Living International Ltd.

A part of the Nordic Smart Government financial administration project

The pilot project is a part of the Nordic Smart Government 3.0 project. The purpose of the project is to find out how financial data can be automated and used between businesses and from businesses to authorities. At the core of the project is digital financial data (eReceipt and eInvoice) that are based on existing joint standards.

For more information, please contact:

Project Manager
Mr Franck Mertens
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
Tel. +358 29 509 5212

Project Director, RTECO
Mr Markku Örn
Technology Industries of Finland
Tel. +358 50 5567 032

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Latest update 01.04.2019