Estonian business register now has access to information from the Finnish Trade Register

From February, the Estonian business register has had access to information from the Finnish Trade Register.

The Estonian business register can now search for information, for instance about Finnish limited liability companies, in the Finnish Trade Register.

The automatic data exchange is based on an agreement between Finland and Estonia concluded in spring 2019 to enable the business registers of the two countries to automatically search for information using a data exchange layer.

The data exchanged can only be accessed by persons who are engaged in processing data in the business register. The authorities will not transfer data to third parties.

The next step is to give the Finnish Trade Register access to Estonian business register details

In the future, the Finnish Trade Register will be given access to Estonian business register details.

The intention is to use Estonian business register details, for example when branches are being established in Finland or to verify the details of Estonian citizens appointed to the board of directors of companies.

Finland will take into account the new opportunities offered by the data exchange when the Finnish Trade Register Act is renewed.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Lalli Knuutila
Head of Registration
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
Tel. +358 40 505 3572

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Latest update 13.03.2020