Fennia Prize 20: PRH gave an honourable mention to two companies

In the Fennia Prize 20 design competition, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) gave an honourable mention and a prize of 5,000 euros for the successful use of intellectual property rights (IPR) to Woodio Oy and Konecranes Global Corporation.

Woodio Oy has developed a new kind of ecological water-resistant wood material which it uses to manufacture plumbing fixtures, for example, sinks. The products combine industrial design and an innovative approach to the use of wood material.

A patent application has been made for the fixtures and their manufacturing method internationally. Woodio Oy has also protected its brand by registering its most important symbols, for example, the name of the company as a trade mark in the EU.

The lifting equipment belonging to Konecranes Global Corporation’s C-series and S-series use new innovative solutions, which, among other things, improve the performance of the equipment and extend their life. The products combine technical competence and practical design.

Konecranes Global Corporation has applied intellectual property rights systematically for improving the competitiveness of its products: the technical solutions of the equipment have been protected with patents and the design of the equipment with design rights. In addition, trade marks have been registered for the product family in target market regions in different parts of the world.

More information on the competition

The Fennia Prize 20 design competition awards companies and organisations that use design strategically in their business operations.

More information on the competition and all the Fennia Prize 20 winners: https://www.designforum.fi/en/prizes/fenniaprize/fennia-prize-20-stand-out-with-strategic-design-competence/

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