Fennia Prize 22: PRH gives an honourable mention to two companies

In the Fennia Prize 22 design competition, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) awarded an honourable mention and a prize of EUR 5,000 for the successful use of intellectual property rights (IPR). The honourable mention for IPR Excellence went to two companies: Genelec Oy and Mysoda Oy.

Genelec Oy

For more than 20 years, industrial design has been important for loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec. Design is a strategic aspect of the company’s operations. In terms of acoustic products such as loudspeakers, design is important not only for their appearance but also for their performance and sound quality.

Genelec has actively protected the design of its loudspeakers with design rights. Genelec also has dozens of registered trademarks in different parts of the world. Furthermore, the company has patented several technical solutions related to loudspeakers and sound reproduction.

Genelec 6040R Smart Active loudspeaker (photo: Genelec Oy)

Mysoda Oy

Design plays an essential role in the operations of Mysoda, and this is reflected in its products. Mysoda aimed to design a sparkling water carbonator that is both ecological and beautiful. The company’s Mysoda Woody sparkling water carbonator is more than just a technical kitchen device; it is also an interior design element.

The design of Mysoda Woody is protected with a design right registration in the EU, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland. The Mysoda trademark is registered in Finland and Europe in the most important trademark classes for the company.

Mysoda Woody sparkling water carbonator (photo: Veikko Kähkönen)

Fennia Prize

The Fennia Prize is one of Finland’s most prominent design competitions. It is organised by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in collaboration with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Elo. The Fennia Prize is awarded to companies and organisations that use design strategically in their business operations.

The Fennia Prize 22 is part of the Design Forum Finland Awards concept. The Design Forum Finland Awards exhibition will be open at Glasshouse Helsinki from 5 May to 28 May 2022.

More information on the competition and all the winners can be found at www.designforum.fi/en/fennia-prize-22/

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Press images can be downloaded at www.designforum.fi/en/media.

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