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Filing financial statements with the Register of Associations

An association must file its financial statements with the Finnish Register of Associations if at least two of the following thresholds were exceeded in both the most recently concluded financial period and the financial period immediately preceding it:

  • Turnover of EUR 12 million
  • Balance sheet total of EUR 6 million
  • Average of 50 employees

File your financial statement with the Finnish Register of Associations within six months of the end of the financial period.

The notification obligation applies to financial periods that started on or after 1 January 2016.

How much does it cost?

Filing financial statements is free of charge.

Who files the notification?

In associations, the notification must be signed by the chairperson of the executive committee or by an adult executive committee member filed in the Finnish Register of Associations, or a person authorised by a member of the executive committee.

If an authorised person signs the notification, enclose a certified copy of a special power of attorney or the original general power of attorney.

How to file

File your notification by filling in the form for registering financial statements and enclose all financial statement documents with the form. Save the form to your computer before filling it in.
Open the form: Filing financial statements with the Register of Associations (pdf).

You will need to file the following details and documents:

  • The date when the financial statements were adopted or approved
  • Profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • Notes to the financial statements.

You may also need these details and documents:

  • Audit report and auditor’s note
  • Annual report
  • Cash flow statement

Filing the financial statements

The financial statement documents must be filed on single-sided A4 paper. Do not staple the documents together or bind the documents into a book, because the PRH scans the documents into its electronic archive.

Send the signed form and the financial statement documents for registration all at once by post to: Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Financial statements, 00091 PRH, Finland.

You can also submit your association’s financial statements by email.

Send the signed form and the financial statement documents for registration all at once by email as a single PDF file to In the subject line of your message, write the name and Business ID of the association. Indicate the financial period for the financial statements in the message field.

Processing and registration of financial statements

PRH carries out a formal examination of financial statements before registration. PRH does not check the financial statement content but registers the information as has been filed.

The PRH will record the financial statements in the association’s register details.

As soon as the financial statement documents have been registered, a register extract will be sent to the company’s mailing address, as recorded in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) at

Read more about legislation in the reference database of Finnish legislation:

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