Register of Associations – price list and payment instructions

Handling fees

In most cases, notices submitted to the Register of Associations are subject to a fee. Some notices are free of charge, such as changes of address, or notices of termination.

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Please note that the handling fee has to be paid in advance and the receipt must be enclosed with the notice. It is important that you submit your notification to us within a week after making the payment. If you submit it later, it will delay the processing of your notification significantly.

If you file your notice online, you pay the handling fee online in the same system.

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Information service fees

You can buy electronic register extracts or rules of associations from AssociationNet. You can pay for the items by Internet bank transfer or by credit card. Go to AssociationNet.

If online payment is not possible for you, or if you need an official register extract or copy of rules, you can use an order form to order documents – then the documents will be sent to you by post and you make the payment against invoice. Read more about our fees, or go to the order forms:

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Latest update 10.06.2016