Amendment notices to the Register of Associations

You have to submit an amendment notice to the Register of Associations when

  • the rules (bylaws) of a registered association are amended, or
  • the persons entitled to sign for the association change.

You report these changes by filling in an amendment notice form in one copy. The chairperson of the association´s Executive Committee signs the forms and assures that the information given in them is correct and that the persons entitled to sign for the association are legally competent.

The amendment notice is subject to a charge. The application fee is paid in advance into the Register’s account. Please refer to the price list and payment instructions.

The notices may be done electronically.

If you choose to do them on paper, you can either download amendment notice forms (in Finnish or Swedish) to your own computer to be filled in with a word processing program or order them. For more details on amendment notices concerning the rules of an association or persons entitled to sign for the association, please see the following links.

We will send a decision on registration to the address of the chairperson of the association or to another address requested by the association. You can order a register extract containing valid registered details of associations (document order page available in Finnish and in Swedish).

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Latest update 31.01.2019