Order documents from the Finnish Register of Associations

You can buy electronic register extracts – or rules – of associations, chambers of commerce, or religious communities from our online information service for immediate use. The register extracts and rules cost 3.22 euros and are available in Finnish or in Swedish. Go to the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations.

Use the order form below, if you cannot find what you need in the online information service or if you want to pay by invoice.

You can use the form below to order extracts from the Finnish Register of Associations, association rules or other documents relating to associations, such as copies of charters. The documents are available in Finnish or in Swedish. We will send the documents to you by post or email. The invoice will be sent to you separately.

Please note that if you want to have the document signed and stamped, ask for that in the Other information field. Signed and stamped documents are delivered by post.

An invoicing fee of 6.50 euros is added. In some cases, we also charge a delivery fee of 5.50 euros, for example if we scan documents for you or if we deliver the documents by post. Go to our information service price list.

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Please note that if you want to have the document signed and stamped, select delivery by post.

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Latest update 03.09.2020