Electronic notice to the Register of Associations

The service provides associations a fast way of filing notices with the Register of Associations.

The service contains electronic forms for all kinds of notices:

  • basic notice
  • amendments to rules (bylaws)
  • change of persons authorised to sign for the association
  • notice of dissolution
  • change of association’s address
  • charter that can be filled in and signed electronically

The rules of the association can be filled in online. Alternatively, the model rules available on our website can be used.

  • The notice can be filled in for the association by anyone.
  • The notice is signed by the chairperson of the association after identification with the access codes of his or her online banking service.
  • The handling fee can be paid by anyone.

The notice is signed by the chairperson by using access codes for the online banking service of any Finnish bank.

The notice becomes pending only after the chairperson has signed it and the handling fee has been paid.

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Latest update 05.11.2012