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Preliminary check of bylaws of religious community against payment

A religious community or its founders can apply to the PRH for a preliminary check of the community’s bylaws or any amendment made to them.

We carry out a preliminary check if needed because of the size of the religious community, the significance of the amendment, or some other similar reason.

We do not do a preliminary check of the rules of local communities.

Preliminarily checked bylaws are registered as part of start-up notification or notification of changes

After we have carried out the preliminary check, the religious community or its founders must approve the preliminarily checked bylaws. Then the religious community must file the preliminarily checked bylaws with the PRH for registration as part of a start-up notification or a notification of changes concerning the bylaws.

The preliminary check will be valid for two years from the decision made by the PRH.

What does it cost?

The fee for a preliminary check is 350 euros.

Pay the fee in advance and enclose a receipt for the payment with the application.

See our price list and payment instructions.

How to apply for a preliminary check

Write a free-form application where you provide:

  • the name and registration number (if any) of the religious community;
  • the reasons why a preliminary check is needed; and
  • the mailing address and other contact details (if any) of the contact person.

Who signs the application?

If the religious community has yet to be registered, the application must be signed by the founder of the community.

If the applicant is a registered religious community, the application must be signed by a person authorised to act on behalf of the community.

What documents need to be enclosed?

Enclose the following with the application:

  • the bylaws to be checked; and
  • the receipt for the handling fee.

Send the application to us by post

Send the application and the enclosed documents to:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Register of Religious Communities
FI-00091 PRH

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