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Termination of appointment and notification of resignation

If your details have been recorded in the Register of Religious Communities because of your position in the community and you have either resigned or your appointment has otherwise terminated, you can yourself file a notification about that.

Please note: You do not actually resign and your appointment is not terminated by your filing a notification with the Register of Religious Communities. You must resign first and then file the notification with the register.

How to file the notification

It is not possible to file the notification online.

File the notification using form Y4a (notification of changes and termination) and appendix form 19B. Please note that the forms are only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

Indicate that your appointment has terminated on page 3 of appendix form 19B. Save the forms to your computer, fill them in and print out.

Fill in your contact details in the field for additional information on form Y4a, and we will send you a register extract about the registration. If you leave the field blank, we will send the register extract to the community’s address.

Go to the forms at Notification of resignation to the Register of Religious Communities (including form Y4a and appendix form 19B).Open link in a new tab

Who signs the notification?

The notification must be signed by the resigned person, or by a person they have authorised with a power of attorney.

What documents need to be enclosed?

If an authorised person signs the notification, enclose a certified copy of a special power of attorney or the original general power of attorney.

Send the notification and any enclosed documents by post to:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) – Finnish Tax Administration
Business Information System
P.O. Box 2000
FI-00231 Helsinki, Finland

Send your paper notification to us within a week after the payment to avoid delay in processing the notification.

What does it cost?

The notification is free of charge.

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