Toukotyot2017 - IPR for Startups

IPR for Startups on 4 May 2017

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Time and Place

Thursday 04 May 2017
9:00 - 12:00 One-on-one IPR Clinics, 13:00-17:00 Speeches on IPR, 17:00-19:00 Get Together

Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH), Arkadiankatu 6A, Helsinki, Finland
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12:30 Registration

13:00 Welcome
Jorma Hanski, Director, Patents and Trademarks, PRH

13:10 Keynote speech: What Venture Capitalists Consider When Selecting a New Investment
Artturi Tarjanne, General Partner, Nexit Ventures

13:40 Startups and IPR – Tekes funding instruments
Antti Salminen, Senior Specialist, Start-up Companies, Tekes

14:00 Protection of Inventions

  1. Patents: Matti Rantanen, Patent Examiner, PRH
  2. Trademarks: Tuulimarja Myllymäki, Head Legal Advisor, PRH
  3. Protection of services: Kari-Pekka Syrjä, Founder & IPR lawyer (OTT Helsinki), ICapital Oy

14:50 Coffee break

15:10 How to make money with inventions

  1. How to utilize IPR in your business: Sakari Värilä, European Patent Attorney, Berggren Oy
  2. Patent licensing: Niklas Östman, Les Scandinavian & Partner, Roschier

16:00 Real life examples

  1. Maria 0-1 – What Startups Need to Succeed: Voitto Kangas, CEO, Maria 0-1
  2. Balancing IPR and Lean: Juha-Matti Liukkonen, Director, Space & Robotics, Reaktor
  3. From Failures to Success: Kim Väisänen, Startup investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Executive

17:00 Closing remarks: Jorma Hanski, Director, Patents and Trademarks, PRH

17:00 – 19:00 Get Together – social networking with refreshments

We will send the final programme to the registered participants prior to the event. All rights reserved.

For further information on the event please contact:

Mr Yrjö Raivio
Patent Examiner
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
Email: yrjo.raivio (at)
tel. +358 29 509 5382

IPR for Startups 4 May 2017 - Partners

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