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Beslut 2022

Strada, registernummer 210251

Beslut om upphävanda av registering

  • Varumärke:

  • Registernummer: 210251
  • Ansökningsnummer: H202250003
  • Varor/tjänster:
    • Klass 12: Landmotorfordon, automobilar, motorvagnar, personbilar, personvagnar,motorer, transmissioner, upphängningsanordningar, bromsar, karosser ochunderreden för motorfordon.

Beslut: Patent- och registerstyrelsen godkänner ansökan om upphävande.

Motivering: Sökanden om upphävande har krävt att Patent- och registerstyrelsen upphäver varumärket reg.nr 210251 Strada (figurativt märke) på grund av att innehavaren av märket inte har använt varumärket i Finland under de senaste fem åren. Sökanden har ett rättsligt intresse att få ärendet behandlat i PRS, eftersom varumärket nr 210251 har ställts som hinder för sökandens internationella registrering nr 1626156 Strada gällande varor i klass 12.

Varumärkesinnehavaren har inte lämnat in något yttrande i ärendet och har inte heller inlämnat någon bevisning som visar att innehavaren skulle ha använt märket. Således beslutar Patent- och registerstyrelsen att varumärket reg.nr 210251 Strada (figurativt märke) upphävs i sin helhet på grund av att innehavaren av varumärket inte har presenterat någon utredning om verkligt bruk av varumärket under de senaste fem åren.

Lagrum: 46 §, 51 § och 57 § varumärkeslagen

Å, internationell registernummer 827885

Beslut om upphävande av internationell registering

  • Varumärke:

  • Registernummer: 827885
  • Ansökningsnummer: H202250004
  • Varor/tjänster:
    • Klass 3: Bleaching preparations, fabric softeners and other substances for laundry use; stain removers; shoe polish and other preparations for the care af shoes and boots; floor wax; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; sandpaper and sandpaper files; soaps, toiletries; perfumery, essential oils, sachets for perfuming linen; deodorants for persona! use; cosmetics and make-up preparations; sun oils and sun milks; make-up removing agents; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; nail care preparations; false nails, false eyelashes; cosmetic
      pencils; depilatory preparations; cosmetic preparations for baths; cotton and cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; shampoos and other hair care preparations including preparations for hair dyeing and tinting; shaving preparations; shampoos for domestic animals; dentifrices, including medical tooth pastes, non-medical mouthwash, insect repellent shampoos for domestic animals; medical hair shampoos.
    • Klass 5: Vitamin and mineral preparations; preparations against headache; laxatives; herb teas for medicinal purposes; dietetic foodstuffs and beverages for medical purposes; chewing gums for medical purposes; antiseptics and antiseptic cotton; wadding for medical purposes; lint for medical purposes; plasters and materials for dressings; tapes for medical purposes; first-aid boxes (filled); sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners (sanitary); napkins for incontinents; medical skin creams; medicated bath preparations; medical mouthwashes; eyewashes; remedies
      for foot perspiration and skin indurations; corn rings for the feet and corn remedies; wart pencils; contact lens cleaning preparations and solutions for use with contact lenses; adhesives for dentures; air freshening preparations; fly catching paper; mothproofing preparations; chemical preparations against vermin; weedkillers.
    • Klass 8: Hand tools and implements (hand operated); saw blades for hand tools;syringes and vaporizers (hand tools) for spraying insecticides; cutlery; sharpening steels; knives, forks and spoons; vegetable choppers and slicers; non-electric can openers; side arms; razors, razor blades, hair clippers for persona! use; electric and non-electric depilation appliances; nail files, tweezers, manicure and pedicure sets.
    • Klass 9: Laboratory apparatus and instruments; microscopes; electric batteries and battery chargers, solar batteries; electric theft prevention installations; peepholes for doors; electric soldering apparatus; electric door bells; electric irons; electrically heated hair curlers; compasses; cameras, photographic and optical apparatus and instruments, binoculars, magnifying glasses, sun glasses, glasses, spectacle frames, spectacle cases, eyeglasses cords, optical lenses, contact lenses, lens hoods; carpenters' rules, levels; weighing, measuring, signalling and life-saving apparatus and instruments, controlling and checking (supervision) apparatus and
      instruments (not for medical purposes); reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents, warning triangles; lifejackets, floats for bathing and swimming; protective helmets; barometers; thermometers (not for medical purposes); teaching apparatus; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; loudspeakers; electronic, magnetic or optical data carriers; gramophone records, compact discs, video recordings; calculators; data processing equipment and computers; facsimile machines, modems, printers, copying machines; recorded computer software; games adapted for use with television receivers only; smoke
      detectors; fire extinguishing apparatus.
    • Klass 11: Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; ornamental fountains; wash-hand basins (lavatory), toilets and toilet seats; bath and sauna bath installations; showers, shower cubicles; fans (air-conditioning); freezers; refrigerators; cookers, hot air ovens, fire bars, roasting apparatus, barbecues; gas lighters; electric cookers; electric deep fryers; electric coffee percolators and coffee machines; toasters; electric waffle irons; electric blankets and cushions (not for medical purposes); hair dryers; light bulbs, luminous tubes for lighting; electric
      pocket lamps; electric lights for Christmas trees.
    • Klass 16: Paper and cardboard; wrapping paper; bags of paper or of plastics; plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging, plastic film for wrapping and packaging; toilet paper and paper for household purposes; towels of paper; babies' diapers of paper and/or cellulose; face tissues of paper, handkerchiefs of paper; filter paper, paper coffee filters; bags for microwave cooking or for use in other ovens; table cloths, table mats and table napkins of paper; flags of paper, blinds of paper; paper and cardboard boxes; books, newspapers, periodicals, posters, decals, printed
      matter, postcards, greeting cards, message cards, bookmarkers, forms, labels (not of textile), note books, booklets, writing pads (paper goods), almanacs, song books, music books and other printed products; stationery (writing and office requisites), writing and drawing utensils; paper knives; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); inking ribbons; addressing and franking machines; stamps, envelopes; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; embroidery design patterns and patterns for making clothes; terrestrial globes, maps, nautical charts; document covers, files, loose-leaf binders, letter trays, book end supports; photographs;
      apparatus for mounting photographs; albums; modelling pastes, paintbrushes, canvas for painting, painters' easels, aquarelles; graphic prints; paint boxes; instructional and teaching materia! (except apparatus); printing types; indoor aquaria; easter decorations made of paper.
      Klass 18: Leather and imitations of leather, animal skins and furs; pelts; gut for making sausages; leashes and collars for animals; whips and harnesses; leather leads; boxes of leather or leather board; bags, handbags, attache cases, briefcases, shopping bags, school bags, backpacks, rucksacks, game bags, beach bags, tool bags of leather (empty), garment bags for travel, trunks and travelling bags; vanity cases (not fitted); wallets, purses; cases for credit cards, driving licences, business cards and similar cards (leatherware); key cases (leatherware); parasols, umbrellas, umbrella covers; walking sticks.
    • Klass 20: Furniture, including serving trolleys, office furniture, shelves, flower stands, garden furniture, park benches and camping furniture; work benches; cupboards, cabinets, lockers; umbrella stands, hat stands; display stands; mirrors, mirror glass, picture frames, notice boards; keyboards for hanging keys, nameplates (not of metal); cabinet work; cases and boxes of wood or plastic; fireguards; non-metallic fittings, hinges and locks; curtain holders (not of textile ), curtain tie backs, rollers for blinds, slatted indoor blinds; plugs and stoppers (not of metal), pipe or cable clips (not of metal); binding screws (not of metal) for cables; poles (not of metal); bamboo;
      ladders of wood or plastic; flagpoles; letter boxes (not of metal or masonry); nonmechanical
      reels (not of metal) for flexible hoses; mooring buoys (not of metal); tent pegs (not of metal); tool handles (not of metal); storage and transport containers (not of metal); duckboards and handling pallets (not of metal); barrels and casks (not of metal); bottle racks, bottle closures (not of metal); drinking straws; decorations of plastics for foodstuffs; ornaments and works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; yellow amber; jewellery cases (not of precious metal); embroidery frames, costume stands; garment hangers and hooks, garment covers for storage; clothes pins, not of
      metal (peg); cushions, pillows, mattresses; air pillows and air mattresses (not for medical purposes); sleeping bags; bassinettes, playpens for babies; wickerwork, rattan, straw plaits, beds and nesting boxes for domestic animals, dog kennels; stuffed animals, easter decorations made of wood and plastic.
    • Klass 21: Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith), drinking vessels, tableware (not of precious metal) and parts thereof, paper plates, trays (not of precious metal) for household purposes, spice sets (not of precious metal), cruet stands (not of precious metal) for oil and vinegar, toothpicks and toothpick holders (not of precious metal), hand-operated pepper mills, non-electric coffee percolators, non-electric fruit presses, cooking pots, deep fryers, coolers, food cooling devices, thermally insulated containers for food, ice buckets, non-electric cocktail shakers, pipettes for wine tasters, bottle openers,
      candelabra and candle rings (not of precious metal); painted glassware, crystal, vases (not of precious metal), figurines of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; pottery, bird baths, flower pots, holders for flowers and plants for flower arrangements, watering cans, nozzles for watering cans, watering devices, indoor terrariums (plant cultivation); fly catchers (traps or whisks); insect traps, mouse traps; cages for domestic animals, feeding troughs for animals; cleaning instruments and utensils, carpet beaters (hand instruments); gloves for household purposes; buckets; dustbins
      and garbage cans; heat-insulated containers; sponges, steel wool for cleaning, washing-up racks, chamois leather for cleaning, cleaning and polishing cloths and rags, shoe brushes, shoe trees, shoe horns, boot jacks; toilet utensils; toothbrushes and other brushes (included electric brushes), combs (including electric combs), water apparatuses for cleaning teeth and gums, perfume vaporizers; non-electric cosmetic or make-up removing utensils; vanity cases (fitted), toilet cases; baby baths; soap boxes, soap dispensers, boxes of metal for dispensing paper towels; washing boards, racks for drying clothes, ironing boards, shaped ironing board
      covers; trouser presses, trouser stretchers; easter decorations made of glass, porcelain or terracotta.
    • Klass 23: Yarns and threads for textile purposes.
    • Klass 24: Textile, fabrics, flags and banners (not of paper), towels of textile, household linen, bath linen (except clothing), textile labels, flannels and washing mitts, handkerchiefs of textile, face towels of textile; curtains of textile or plastic, curtain holders of textile materia!, door curtains, draperies; table covers, table napkins and place mats of textile, oilcloths, bed blankets and quilts, sheets, quilt cases (sheets) and pillowcases (including such made of paper), bedspreads, pillow
      shams and mattress covers, travelling rugs, mosquito nets; loose covers for furniture, wall hangings of textile; blinds of textile.
    • Klass 25: Outdoor and indoor clothing, sportswear and leisure wear, furs, rainwear, underwear, bath and beach clothes; layettes; napkin-pants, babies' diapers of textile; headgear, cap peaks, ear muffs (clothing), belts (clothing), waist-belts, braces, collars, cuffs, muffs (clothing), scarves, shawls, mufflers, mittens, gloves, neckties; socks and stockings, shoes, boots and other footwear.
    • Klass 26: Lace and embroidery, shoe laces, ribbons (haberdashery), elastic ribbons, tassels and braids; reins for guiding children; haberdashery (except threads and yarns), patches and labels for decoration and repair of textile articles, zip fasteners, buttons, hooks and eyes, eyelets for clothing and shoes, belt clasps, shoe buckles, brooches (clothing accessories), feathers (clothing accessories), expanding bands for holding sleeves; pins and sewing needles, pincushions, sewing boxes, crochet hooks and knitting needles; hair pins, hair nets, hair curlers, hair ornaments, false hair, toupees, wigs, false beards; false moustaches; artificial flowers, artificial
      garlands and fruits.
    • Klass 28: Games and playthings, marbles and counters for games, electronic games (not for use with television receivers); balloons, dolls, dolls' clothes; toys for domestic animals; fishing tackle, body rehabilitation apparatus, appliances for gymnastics and sport and parts thereof included in this class, billiard tables, tables for table tennis, roller skates, sailboards and surf boards, bath pools for sporting or playing; spring boards (sporting articles); balls for sports and games, playing balls, nets for sports, scrapers for skis, wax for skis; elbow, knee, shin, foot-joint and shoulder guards (sport articles), protective paddings (parts of sports suits); specially designed gloves
      for sports practising; specially designed bags and cases for gymnastic and sports appliances; Christmas trees of synthetic materia!, decorations for Christmas trees (except illumination articles and confectionery), festive decorations included in this class (other than lights); practical jokes, conjuring apparatus; theatrical masks; playing cards.
    • Klass 29: Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; sausages, charcuterie; preserved, dried or cooked fruits and vegetables; soups; potato crisps; jellies, jams, fruit sauces (compotes), stewed fruit; eggs, milk and dairy products; edible oils and fats.
    • Klass 30: Coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and food preparations made from cereals; breakfast cereals, snack products based on cereals, bread, crispbread, pastry and confectionery, ice-cream, water ice, sorbet, yoghurt based ice-cream; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; sait, mustard, ketchup; vinegar, sauces; spices; ice.
    • Klass 32: Beers; mineral and aerated waters, table waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other concentrates for making beverages.
    • Klass 33: Wine, spirits and liqueurs as well as other alcoholic beverages (except beers), strong cider; alcoholic essences and extracts.
    • Klass 35: Business management assistance, business information, compilation and systematization of information to data bases; advertising; rental of advertising space, organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes, demonstration of goods, marketing by mail order, modelling for advertising and sales promotion, public relations, rental and distribution of advertising materia!, distribution of samples, marketing studies, east price analyses, import-export agency activities; information to customers in connection with retail sales.
    • Klass 43: Providing of food and drink; restaurant business; self-service restaurants,
      snack bars, cafeterias, catering, hotel reservations.

Beslut: Patent- och registerstyrelsen godkänner ansökan om upphävande och upphäver den internationella registreringen.

Motivering: Sökanden om upphävande har krävt att Patent- och registerstyrelsen upphäver den
internationella registreringen nr 827885 Å (figurativt märke) på grund av att innehavaren av märket inte har använt varumärket i Finland under de senaste fem åren. Sökanden har ett rättsligt intresse att få ärendet behandlat i PRS, eftersom sökanden är innehavare av den i Europeiska unionen godkända internationella registreringen nr 1433727 Å (figurativt märke) i klasserna 3, 14, 18, 24, 25 och 35,
som, liksom det registrerade varumärket, består av en stiliserad å-bokstav.

Varumärkesinnehavaren har inte lämnat in något yttrande i ärendet och har inte heller inlämnat någon bevisning som visar att innehavaren skulle ha använt märket.

Således beslutar Patent- och registerstyrelsen att den internationella registreringen nr 827885 Å (figurativt märke) upphävs i sin helhet på grund av att innehavaren av varumärket inte har presenterat någon utredning om verkligt bruk av varumärket under de senaste fem åren.

Lagrum: 46 §, 51 § och 57 § varumärkeslagen