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Our new Industrial Property Gazettes service for trademarks and design rights

On 16 August 2022, we introduced the Industrial Property Gazettes service to publish trademark and design registrations. The service replaces the gazettes we previously published once or twice a month in PDF format.

Faster publication

In the Industrial Property Gazettes service, we publish new trademark and design registrations right after registration. This means that we publish new registrations every day in the service. An opposition period of two months begins on the publication date of the registration. The opposition period can therefore begin on any day and it is not dependent on the the publication frequency of the gazettes, as was the case when they were published in PDF format on certain days only.

This also means that trademark or design applicants will get a registration decision right after registration and not when the next issue of the gazette is published. If the applicants have given their email address to the PRH, they will receive the registration decision by email. Otherwise we will send the decision by post.

The service also provides various notifications on trademarks and design rights, as well as the trademarks admitted to the List of Trademarks with a Reputation.

How to use the Industrial Property Gazettes service

There are separate sections for trademark and design right publications in the service. To search for publications from a specific week, select the year of publication and the week number. You can also search for details by date.

The new service contains an archive of the PDF gazettes published before 16 August 2022.

The service will expand

We plan to expand the Industrial Property Gazettes service to include publications and notifications on patents and utility models. We will provide more information about this at a later date.

Go to the new Industrial Property Gazettes service.

For more information, please contact
Patricia Nyberg
Senior Officer
Tel. +358 29 509 5888

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