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New Virre feature: download electronically sealed register extracts

We have improved our Virre Information Service, which provides access to register details. You can now download Trade Register extracts free of charge and buy organisation rules, translated register extracts, extracts from the Register of Foundations and certificates that are electronically sealed.

The electronic seal ensures the document’s origin and integrity and is issued by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). The documents are electronically sealed using a qualified certificate.

If necessary, you can check the validity of the electronic seal using a document reading application. For instance, you can check the validity in Acrobat Reader by selecting “Use certificates”.

How to download extracts free of charge and buy documents in Virre

The PRH Virre Information Service provides easy access to official register information about companies, businesses, foundations and enterprise mortgages. Basic details and electronic Trade Register extracts are free of charge.

On the first page in Virre, use the Business ID to search for a company’s basic details. On the company information page, you can download an electronic Trade Register extract free of charge.
You can also buy articles of association of limited liability companies, the latest registered financial statements, and translated register extracts in English.

You can pay using your internet banking codes or by credit card. After payment, go to the bought items page to open the documents in the service.

For further information, please contact:
Trade Register’s Advisory Service
Mon-Fri 9–15
Tel. +358 29 509 5030

Printable version Latest update 14.11.2023