Participate in the Quality Innovation Award competition

The Quality Innovation Award competition arranged by the Finnish Quality Association enables organisations to benchmark the level of their own innovations and receive an independent assessment. The competition encourages organisations to innovate and develop their operations.

You can participate in the Quality Innovation Award competition by submitting an application, which is assessed by an independent assessor. The competition is open to all kinds of organisations – from private traders to public organisations. Each innovation is assessed in terms of its novelty and economic value, among other things. Apart from the value of the innovations submitted by organisations, the innovation process itself is also examined. A viewpoint obtained through the independent assessment is valuable information for organisations.

Quality has its makers – assessment helps in improving development

“An independent assessor’s viewpoint of the innovation process is extremely valuable information for the participating organisations. It is explained in the assessment why something works or does not work, and what the organisation could improve," says Juha Ylä-Autio, Chief Executive Officer of the Finnish Quality Association.

Innovations must also be protected appropriately in order to ensure control over them and the economic benefit obtained from them. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has been a partner of the competition for several years. Antti Riivari, Director General of the PRH, is also the chairperson of the competition jury.

“Since the outset, the goal of the competition has been to increase the number and level of innovations in Finland. It is also important that innovation is not solely considered as technology-based solution development but something that generates value, irrespective of the line of business. The PRH wants to be involved in the competition, helping all organisations to innovate and protect their innovations," states Antti Riivari.

“It is important to acknowledge innovations made by organisations. Innovations are an important part of Finland's competitive ability, and without them our companies would fade away. Innovations indicate continuous development. The Quality Innovation Award competition plays a particularly important role in highlighting some of the best innovations of the year," says Ylä-Autio.

National Quality Innovation Award

The award categories are potential innovations, business innovations, public sector innovations, and environmental innovations. In addition, municipal innovations will have their own category. This new category is intended for discovering the best innovations from Finnish municipalities, towns and cities. This year’s competition will be the 15th such competition. The application period will be open until the beginning of September.

The winners of the national Quality Innovation Award competition will get to compete against the world's top countries in an international competition and benchmark their own innovations at the international level. Organisations will also be rewarded in the competition for significant innovation work.

The application period for this year’s Quality Innovation Award is now open. Read more and apply.

Ulkoinen sivusto, avautuu uuteen välilehteen

The winning organisations will receive their rewards on World Quality Day on 10 November 2022 at the Laatupäivä event arranged by the Finnish Quality Association. You can participate in the event remotely by registering here. The event will be held in Finnish.

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