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Finnish Patent and Registration Office making greater use of artificial intelligence to evaluate patent applications

The PRH has chosen IPRally as its new artificial intelligence based patent search software for patent publications. The PRH started using artificial intelligence in patent application examinations in 2018.

Following a public procurement process, IPRally has been made available as an online tool for 110 patent examiners at the PRH. Prior to this, the PRH used a limited on-premise version of IPRally for three years. Data security was crucial when choosing the right AI solution, and IPRally, which is ISO certified, met the strict requirements for the procurement.

IPRally helps find, analyse and classify patents efficiently using machine technology. The IPRally solution is based on explainable artificial intelligence, enabling the user to gain greater control. In addition to significant time savings, the goal is to get better hit accuracy and even better patent grant decisions leading to stronger patents.

“We have used IPRally for three years, and the tool has been very well received among our examiners. Before starting to use the cloud based version, we invested a lot of time and effort in stress testing IPRally’s data security, which also turned out to be impeccable regarding the extra arrangements that had been tailored for us. On top of that, we carried out extensive performance tests, and IPRally exceeded our expectations. This is primarily a quality investment for us. We see a lot of improvement in patent quality thanks to AI at the moment, and not only at our office – it’s something that benefits the whole value chain and all stakeholders,” says Jorma Lehtonen, Head of Customer Relations and Legal Affairs at the PRH.

IPRally Technologies Oy

IPRally Technologies is a Finnish software company founded in 2018 with the mission of providing effortless access to technical information, advancing the quality of IP rights and accelerating innovation. IPRally provides explainable AI for patent examinations via an intuitive web platform. The platform is used by companies, patent law firms, research institutes and public patent offices.

Read a press release by IPRally Technologies Oy on the subject.Open link in a new tab

For further information, please contact:
Jorma Lehtonen
+358 29 509 5904

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