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PRH’s corporate responsibility report 2023 – We are committed to responsible operations

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) has published its corporate responsibility report for 2023. The report describes our work to promote sustainable development and it monitors progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we have adopted.

Social responsibility: Wellbeing at work, non-discrimination and equality are our key priorities

At the PRH, social responsibility primarily means responsibility for the wellbeing of our staff members and for developing their skills. Our aim is to reduce inequality and enhance gender equality. Our efforts have produced results. In 2023, overall job satisfaction at the PRH reached an all-time high (4.1). The survey also showed that our staff members are satisfied with equality and non-discrimination practices at PRH.

Financial responsibility: Sustainable finances

Financial responsibility at the PRH means sustainable use of funds, compliance with the law and up-to-date register data.

Our financial situation remained stable. For example, coverage of the financial statements in the Trade Register has continuously improved. Risk management was made part of all PRH operations in 2023. We also took a number of measures to ensure better enforcement of sanctions in the procurement process.

Stakeholder responsibility: Stakeholder work for the benefit of our customers

Our aim is to ensure that our stakeholder work is on a strategic and goal-oriented basis. The PRH finalised its new strategy in spring 2023. The strategy work was based on an identified need to reform and develop our activities in accordance with constantly changing external factors, customer needs and stakeholder expectations.

We cooperated extensively with our stakeholders to support companies at all stages of their operations and to create a basis for the digital economy in the Real-Time Economy project. We also played an influential role in many networks.

Service responsibility: We are developing services to meet the needs of our customers

We involve our customers in the development of our services to ensure that they function smoothly and are accessible to everyone and easy to use. One the most important service design projects at the PRH in 2023 involved the overhaul of and websites.

We are constantly developing our online services. Use of online services at the PRH has increased steadily in recent years. In 2023, an average of 93.5% of all matters were managed online by our customers.

No hacking or serious information security breaches were reported in 2023, and no serious data protection incidents were identified at the PRH during the year. We provided all our staff members with online training on information security practices.

Environmental responsibility: Showing responsibility as a service provider and as a customer

Our aim as a service provider and as a customer is to keep our carbon footprint at sustainable levels. We managed to reduce energy consumption in our premises at Sörnäisten rantatie 13 in Helsinki. The PRH favours ecologically sustainable purchases.

Combating of misconduct

No misconduct or offences concerning financial management were identified at the PRH in 2023. We opened an internal whistleblowing channel for reporting misconduct. We also started work to introduce an anti-corruption action and reporting model, and took measures to ensure more effective national enforcement of sanctions. We continued the development of the register of beneficial owners to ensure that the information is kept up to date.

Proposals for acts of responsibility

During 2023, PRH staff members were asked to submit proposals for acts that would promote the agency’s responsibility goals. A total of 78 proposals were received. The proposals were considered by the management, which selected some of them as measures that would be promoted from the year 2024 onwards.

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