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Changes to Trade Register extracts and Virre Information Service from 8 June 2023

We are improving our Virre Information Service, which provides access to Trade Register details. At the same time, we will make changes to Trade Register extracts from 8 June 2023.

Changes to details on financial statements in Trade Register extracts

In future, Trade Register extracts will include information on the five most recently registered financial statements. This makes it easy to see the financial periods in which a company has filed financial statements. The extract will also show you when a financial statement was last registered for the company.

Extracts no longer state whether the financial statements have been supplemented.

A Trade Register extract is a summary of the details registered for a company. You can download an electronic Trade Register extract by searching for company details on the main page of the Virre information service. Electronic extracts are free of charge.

Read more about information entered in the Trade Register at

Documents directly from Virre notification search

In the Virre information service, you can buy public documents of Trade Register notifications filed by companies and housing companies.

From 8 June 2023, you can buy documents directly from the service’s notification search. The online document search, which was earlier part of the service, has been included in the notification search.

The notification search enables you to search for documents by the Business ID or record number. You can buy documents subject to a charge using your internet banking codes or by credit card.

Changes to Virre Financial Statements search function

The Virre Financial Statements search function helps you find financial statement documents. We will launch an improved version of this function on 8 June 2023.

The Financial Statements search function will show you a company’s financial statements, grouped by financial period. The record number and document form will no longer be shown.

In future, financial statement documents for one financial period can include several files. You can always buy all the files for a financial period with a single payment.

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