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What information does the Trade Register contain?

On this page, you will find information about the following matters:

Sources of information

The details of companies are entered in the Trade Register on the basis of notifications, applications and communications received by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

The register contains information that is submitted to the Registration Authorities by the companies themselves as well as by Courts of Justice and other authorities.

On 2 March 2023, the exchange of information between the business registers in EU countries was expanded. If limited liability companies or public limited companies have branches in other EU countries, the PRH Trade Register records their branch details. We register the branch details as soon as EU countries send them to us.

Under Section 21a of the Trade Register Act, the PRH can update its records and, by using the Finnish Population Information System, check personal details that clients have given in notifications and their enclosures.

According to Section 21 of the Finnish Business Prohibition Act, the Legal Register Centre in Finland provides the Trade Register with details on business prohibitions in force and when they begin and end. These details are then updated in the Trade Register System. Business prohibitions do not apply to activities as a holder of procuration, silent partner, person authorised to sign for a company, or representative according to the Finnish Act on the Right to Carry on a Trade. Detailed information on the contents of a restricted business prohibition when the prohibition does not concern the person's certain roles in the company is available in the Trade Register's customer service. Go to the contact details for the Trade Register.

Information entered in the Trade Register

The contents of the Trade Register are regulated by Finnish law. Register entries of different company types are defined by Finnish legislation concerning the Trade Register, company types and business activities in general. Examples of such legislation are the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Partnerships Act, and the Restructuring of Enterprises Act.

Normally, at least the following information is registered for each company type:

  • company name
  • domicile
  • line of business
  • who represent(s) the company
  • address

Other details are also entered in the register, depending on the company type. Read the Trade Register Act in the reference database of Finnish legislation Finlex in Finnish or in Swedish. Open link in a new tab

The register extracts of companies may look different depending on the company type and the matters reported by the companies. Register extracts may also differ from each other due to law amendments.

The Trade Register includes personal data

Personal data is also entered in the Trade Register. Read more about the personal data entered in the Trade Register.

Read more about the processing and disclosure of personal data in the privacy statement for the Trade Register. Go to the privacy statement of the Trade Register.

Notification to the register and its enclosures

In addition to the details contained in the register extract, information on companies is also available in the notifications filed with the Trade Register and in enclosed documents, such as the Minutes of the General Meeting and Board Minutes. The documents are open to public inspection and are available to anyone.

The Trade Register's basic material also includes the organisation rules enclosed with the companies' notifications, such as Articles of Association and Partnership Agreements. Read more about the information services of the Trade Register.

Contents of the Trade Register in table format

Below you will find a table which shows the information entered on different company types. Please note that it does not, however, include all details: other entries are also made in the register. It is not possible to register all the register entries mentioned in the table for each and every company type.

Information entered in the register Description of entry
Accounting period When the accounting period starts and ends; exceptional accounting period
Address and contact details
Postal address, street address, email, telephone number, website address
Amendments to Articles of Association Date of General Meeting that decided on the amendments
Amendments to Partnership Agreement Date of amendment to Partnership Agreement
Auditors Details of the auditor, the audit firm and the auditor with principal responsibility
Authorisations for the Board of Directors to issue shares, to grant option rights and other special rights, or to redemption and aquisition of own shares Date of General Meeting on which the decision on authorisation was taken, date when the authorisation expires, scope of authorisation, and the number of shares that the authorisation concerns
Auxiliary company name The auxiliary company name under which the company runs a part of its operations
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy proceedings have begun, bankruptcy is dismissed, bankruptcy proceedings are terminated, company is dissolved or final settlement, business activities continue after bankruptcy
Beneficial owner
Information as to whether the company has filed a notification of beneficial owners
Board of Directors Personal details and position of members of the Board of Directors (chairperson, ordinary member, deputy member)
Company name Name of the company
Demerger See 'merger'
Domicile (municipality where the company is managed, place of registered office) Municipality in Finland
Financial statements Period of financial statement; details of consolidated financial statements, if any
Finnish Business Identity Code (Business ID)
Seven digits, a dash and a control mark (for example 1234567-8)
Foreign branches Name, registration number, EUID, and country of registration of the branch registered in another EU country.
House manager Details of the house manager, the house management company and the house manager with principal responsibility
Incorporation details
Date of signature of Memorandum of Association or Partnership Agreement
Legal representation Information on, for example, the right of the Board of Directors to represent the company / the co-operative pursuant to the Limited Liability Companies Act or the Co-operatives Act
Line of business The line of business of the company
Line of business of the auxiliary company name The part of the actual line of business where the auxiliary company name is being used
Liquidation Going into liquidation; public summons to creditors; liquidation proceedings are terminated; company is dissolved; extended liquidation, if any; liquidator (liquidator or substitute liquidator, personal details, how the liquidator represents the company)
Managing director Personal details and position (managing director, substitute for the managing director) of the Managing Director
Merger Companies participating in the merger and their Business IDs, date of signature of the draft terms of merger, public notice to the creditors, implementation of the merger, final settlement
Nominal value
Nominal value of a share as provided for in Articles of Association
Number of shares
Number of shares of different classes
Option rights and other special rights Date of General Meeting or Board Meeting; number of shares of different classes given
Parallel company name Company name in another language and name of that language
Partners Personal details and position (general or silent partner) of partners. Amount of contribution made by silent partners. If the partner is a legal person: its name, registration number, and register in which the legal person is entered.
Persons authorised to sign the company name Personal details of the person authorised to sign the company name and how this is done (individually, or two or several jointly)
Post capital contribution Date of General Meeting that accepted the agreement to acquire property to the public limited liability company through post capital contribution
Private trader
Personal details of the trader
Procuration rights Personal details of the holder of procuration rights and how he or she represents the company (individually, or two or several jointly)
Registration date
Date on which the PRH has made the register entry
Provision in Articles of Association or in rules on the representation of the company
Representation rights
Personal details of the person authorised to represent the company and how this is done (individually, or two or several jointly)
Representative Personal details
Restructuring Temporary prohibitions or termination of temporary prohibitions, if any; restructuring proceedings have begun; restructuring proceedings are terminated; liquidator
Share capital Amount of share capital
Share price Amount of share price (nominal value)
Shares belonging to different classes
Series classes and their number
Supervisory Board Personal details and position of members of the Supervisory Board (chairperson, ordinary member, deputy member)
Termination Date of termination, type of termination (for example, the company has merged with another company, bankruptcy, the company is dissolved, the company is deleted from the register under Section 24 of the Trade Register Act, liquidation)
Trade Register number Replaced by the Business ID on 1 April 2001. Given to companies registered before 1 April 2001
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