About the Trade Register

The Finnish Trade Register is a public register that contains information about businesses and companies. As a rule, all businesses have to be registered at the Trade Register. Businesses also have to notify the register of any changes in their registered details. Most businesses must also submit their financial statements (annual accounts) to the register. Each year the Trade Register registers

  • about 30,000 new businesses;
  • about 115,000 changes to registered company details; and
  • about 175,000 financial statements.

More information: See our statistics pages.

Joint notification procedure with the Tax Administration

The Trade Register has a joint notification procedure and a information service with the Finnish Tax Administration.

Read more about the Business Information System

Information about the handling of notifications and the legal effects of registration

In this section you will get answers to questions such as:

Read more about the processing of personal data in the Finnish Trade Register. Go to the file description for the Trade Register.

Trade Register information available to everyone

Trade Register information is easy to access in our newly launched Virre Information Service.
See what our web service has to offer.

I'm starting up a business - where do I get advice?

The Trade Register gives you advice in how to report a new business for registration in the Trade Register, but not in other practical arrangements of starting up a business. If you need help in choosing the corporate form, or testing your business idea, or getting financing, the Suomi.fi site, co-ordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is the ideal place for you.

More information: Suomi.fi

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