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How to apply for a utility model outside Finland

A utility model registered in Finland only protects the invention in Finland.

In Europe and elsewhere in the world, there are utility model systems similar to the one in Finland. For example, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Russia, Japan and China have their own utility model systems.

However, utility model systems are not very widely used. If a country does not have a utility model system, you can always apply for a patent instead.

Read more about applying for a patent outside Finland in the Patents section.

Apply during the priority year

When you have filed a first utility model application in Finland, you have the right to file a corresponding application elsewhere within 12 months (the priority year) of the original filing date and claim priority from the first application. Read more about priority in the Patents section.

If you have not claimed priority, you have to apply for a utility model outside Finland before the first application becomes public. A utility model becomes public once it is registered.

To delay the publication of your utility model, you can ask us to postpone the registration. It is possible to postpone the registration for up to 15 months from the filing date or priority date of the application. Read more about postponement.

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