Processing time

March 2018

Type of notification Estimated processing time
Online start-up notifications 1 working day
Notifications of changes concerning persons authorised to represent the Company 1 working day
Other online notifications of changes 1 working day
Start-up notifications and changes to articles of association filed by housing companies 14 working days
Other notifications submitted to the Trade Register 17 working days
Enterprise mortgage affairs 5 working days

Processing time means the time from the filing of a notification or an application to the first communication from our office to the customer. The first communication can be

  • a decision of registration,
  • a telephone call, or
  • a request or invitation in writing to correct the notification or application.

The estimated processing time does not promise to process the matter within the time indicated but rather is an estimate that may change according to the processing status.

Is it possible to speed up the process? Can I request a certain registration date?

We process notifications in order of arrival, and exceptions to this order are made only for weighty reasons. The quickest route is to send your notification by post.

If there is a specific reason why your notification should be registered as soon as possible, you can submit such a request to the Trade Register. The request must always be submitted in writing, and it must include at least the company’s Business ID, the company name, details of the notification in question, and the reason why it should be registered as soon as possible. You can also send the request after you have submitted your notification to the register. Send the request by email to registry(a)

If your notification should be registered on a certain day, please submit your request in writing, for example by indicating your request in the ‘Lisätietoja / Additional information’ field on the notification form.

Please note that requests submitted on the pages of the notification form that are only used by the tax authority, do not come to the notice of the Trade Register.

We observe the requests whenever possible, but cannot, however, answer your requests separately.

See the processing chart below concerning notifications filed with the Trade Register:

Processing chart

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Latest update 16.03.2018