Change your business details

If your business details on the Trade Register have changed, you must submit a notification of the change to us as soon as possible.

We recommend that you check your current Trade Register details before you submit a notification to see what changes and additions you have to make.

Notification of changes online

You can file notifications online using the service in Finnish or in Swedish provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration at or using paper notification forms.

Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

Reporting of changes using paper form

If you use our paper notification forms, remember to use the correct notification form: we make no entries in the Trade Register on the basis of notifications that are free in form, such as letters etc.

Please fill in the form either in Finnish or in Swedish.

Write the details that have changed, such as new postal address, new line of business, new municipality (location) where the company is managed (place of registered office), or new auxiliary company name and lines of businesses involved.

Please see the detailed instructions on how to file a notification of changes, by company type, in the menu.

Details on beneficial owners

Most companies must file a notification of their actual beneficial owners with the Finnish Trade Register. For example, all limited liability companies and co-operatives must file a notification.

Companies must file a notification of their beneficial owners by 1 July 2020, and after that whenever the details change or a new company is set up.

Read more about details on beneficial owners.

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Latest update 13.08.2019