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Trade Register information and services from our co-operation partners

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) provides information services of the Trade Register in various ways.

The Virre Information Service is a service for quick access to Trade Register information and financial statements. Go to Virre.Open link in a new tab

The PRH discloses Trade Register information as machine-readable selections or message-based transmission to authorities as well as to credit reference companies, insurance companies, debt collection companies, information service companies and the joint EBR information service provided by the European by business registers. Read more about the EBR information service.

Trade Register information and services processed from registered information are provided by several companies. If you are interested in these services, we recommend that you contact directly the service providers.

Services based on Trade Register information are provided, among others, by the following companies.

Companies providing BIS data

Finnish Business Information System (BIS) data are also provided by information service companies. The Finnish Business Information System at is jointly provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration.

Go to the Open data page at to see the companies providing BIS data.Open link in a new tab

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