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Do you need a Trade Register extract in English?

You can also buy a translated extract of the Trade Register information in English. In addition, you can buy a translated extract of a Finnish-language company in Swedish or of a Swedish-language company in Finnish.

You can order an automatically translated extract of the following company forms:

  • limited liability company, public limited company;
  • housing company;
  • general partnership, limited partnership;
  • private trader;
  • branch of a foreign trader.

Electronic extract from the Trade Register in English via Virre

You can buy an electronic extract of the company in English via the company search in the Virre Information Service. Search by company name or by Business ID. You can view the company’s basic details free of charge by clicking on the company’s name in the search result. You can buy the electronic extract in English by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page. The electronic translated extract costs 10.54 euros.

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If you need an Apostille certificate, which is granted by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, for the translated extract, you have to select the extract that is delivered by mail and that is signed and stamped. You can buy the extract from the Virre Information Service. In conjunction with providing your address details, you can inform us that you need a signed and stamped extract. You can also use our order form to order a translated extract where you can request, in the field for additional information, to have a signed and stamped extract.

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Contents of a translated extract

The extracts are translated automatically, and therefore the content is not exactly the same as in the original extract.

The following details are usually listed for a limited liability company:

  • company name, possible parallel and auxiliary company names, Business ID, registration date, company type, domicile, address and contact details;
  • share capital;
  • financial period and registration date and time of the latest financial statements;
  • legal representation of the company and representation based on position;
  • roles and names of the persons responsible for the company; representation by persons authorised to represent the company or representation by holders of a procuration;
  • name history of the company.

The line of business is not given in a translated register extract, as it cannot be translated automatically.

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