Virre - instructions

Virre Information Service provides several ways to search for and access information about companies and foundations. Basic details of companies and foundations are free of charge. You can buy extracts, certificates and articles of association from our web shop without delay.

These pages provide further instructions on how to run searches and use other functions in Virre.

Make the most of Virre

Register as a user: The details and documents that you have bought are saved, and can be accessed, in "Bought items" for 30 days. If you do not register, you have access to your items during the present session only.

As a registered user, you will also make a better use of the company search by running various kinds of selections, subject to a fee, based on company details.

JavaScript: You have access to all Virre functions if you enable JavaScript in your device. JavaScript is usually enabled in most devices, unless you have chosen to disable it. You can use the company search and foundation search without JavaScript.

Become a contract client: If you frequently need a lot of information from our service, we recommend that you become one of our contract clients, which would make you eligible for reduced fees.
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Please note: If it is not possible for you to use our online service, you can order documents delivered by post. We will also send you the invoice by post. Use the order form on our website.

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Latest update 03.02.2020